Varun Mathur

software engineer, researcher, musician, amateur photographer



about me

using computers to understand the natural world, one training step at a time

I’m Varun and I study Computer Science at Brown University.

My primary research interest is in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). I work on problems that attempt to use recent developments in Computer Science in order to either solve tangible human issues or gain more insight into why we do the things we do. I have experience working on engineering problems involving embedded systems, computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning, and experience leading both engineering technical teams and non-technical teams.

I’m also a classical pianist and have picked up various guitar and music production skills over the years. My pipe dream is to have a small studio in my bedroom where I can record fun things!

Things that I love to do that don’t involve putting inordinate strain on my wrists include singing, hiking + traveling, baking, playing basketball and photography.

Find out more about the things I work on here, look at my photos here, or listen to things I’ve put together here!